The NC Homeowners Alliance is proud to support our state's efforts to achieve a full Census count. Every year, more than $1.4 trillion in federal funds are allocated to states based on the census. This makes your participation critical.

This year is the first time in history that people will be allowed to respond online using digital devices. We urge you to complete your census form today.

For North Carolina, just a three percent undercount could mean a loss of nearly a billion dollars in federal funding. In addition, North Carolina is on track to gain a seat in the House of Representatives. Getting the proper representation that we deserve depends on citizen participation in the census.

An accurate census count is critical for so many issues that are important to homeowners:

  • Businesses and government rely heavily on quality census data to help make important decisions related to sustainability and growth.
  • Census figures fuel medical, economic and social research on communities, and inform much of our local infrastructure planning and decision-making processes – for both public and private sectors.
  • Due to many variables, children are historically one of the most undercounted populations in our state. Children under five years old represent six percent of our state's population.

For these reasons and so many more, every North Carolinian needs to fill out their census forms. Please share this information. The deadline is fast approaching.

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