The More You Know - September 2017



August was a busy month for the state legislature and the U.S. economy!

In statewide news, the North Carolina General Assembly convened to redraw their legislative districts to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling handed-down earlier this year. The new districts will have little impact on the partisan advantages in the House and Senate, but may have changed who is representing you at the state level. If you want to check your voter registration status and see who your representatives are, click here!

  • The National Association of Realtors expects North Carolina’s home values to rise 2.7% on average this year with some of the largest gains in Charlotte and the Triangle.
  • The Realtors Confidence Index reflects a competitive environment for buying and selling.
  • Despite increasing home tours, offers per tour has decreased slightly.
  • Home sales slipped 1.3% in the month of July.
  • For a complete overview of economic data, click here.


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