The More You Know - March 2017


Property rights, education and beach nourishment – the North Carolina General Assembly has taken up several bills or recommendations on these issues over the past few weeks and we believe you should be armed with the facts. Here’s the scoop:

Get off my lawn!!

  • Representative Chuck McGrady introduced House Bill 3, which proposes an amendment to the state’s constitution as a way to limit the government’s use of eminent domain to seize private property. For more information, please click here.

$50 million

  • The North Carolina General Assembly is considering recommendations for creating a recurring beach nourishment fund to maintain the state’s natural landscape along the coast. Experts suggest that the state would need $50 million annually to support this fund into perpetuity, which may result in a tax increase.

24 Students

  • House Bill 13which now heads to the North Carolina Senate, would cap K-3 class sizes at 22 to 24 students to avoid cuts to arts and physical education classes following an unfunded mandate last year.

Schools out…forever?

  • As of Feb. 27, 19 bills covering 36 school systems (out of 115) have been filed to remove provisions regulating when schools can begin and end instruction. If successful, these bills would allow local school boards to regain control over their own calendars.

Stay tuned – as always, the NC Homeowners Alliance will track these proceedings and provide you with updates when we hear anything new.