The More You Know - February 2017


Just when you thought voting was behind you, the United States Supreme Court decided to weigh in on North Carolina’s politics. Here’s the scoop:

28 Legislative Districts
• In November, a federal three-judge panel of the Middle District Court issued a ruling that ordered state lawmakers to redraw 28 legislative districts by March 15, 2017 – citing that those districts were racially gerrymandered and therefore unconstitutional. These changes also directed the state to hold special elections in 2017.

1 Emergency Request
• In December, Speaker of the House Tim Moore and Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger, represented by state attorney Paul Clement, submitted an emergency request to Chief Justice John Roberts asking him to issue a stay on the federal court order mentioned above until an appropriate appeal can be filed by the state.

170 Potential Races
• In January, Chief Justice Roberts issued an order temporarily blocking the special elections while the Supreme Court decides whether to take the case. If they take the case, the block will stay in place until the case is decided. Unfortunately, this leaves legislators – and their constituents – uncertain about what 2017 will hold for policy and discussion on important issues including the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID), homeowners insurance rates, regulations and more.

Stay tuned – as always, the NC Homeowners Alliance will track these proceedings and provide you with updates when we hear anything new.