The More You Know - April 2017


Break out your pastels and seersuckers – spring is upon us! For their spring cleaning, the General Assembly is working on a bill that will help clean up our roads, something our rural counties and highway systems sorely need.

 House Bill 457: Performance Guarantees/Subdivision Streets

  • Many roads across the state are in such disrepair that they’re unfit for emergency services and school buses.
  • When you’re moving to a new home, it’s very hard to know whether the road to your house is serviced by the Department of Transportation or a local developer – getting the road fixed is incredibly complicated.
  • This bill will help ensure developers won’t leave streets unfinished when constructing new homes.
  • The bill will also create a database for homebuyers to search for the roads leading to their new homes.

 Stay tuned – HB 457 heads to a vote tomorrow. We’ll update you on any progress for this important legislation.