Tax Documents Needed for Homeowners

Are you preparing to do your taxes? Are you a homeowner? Here are a list of documents (and some expenses) that may be helpful to you as you prepare your taxes. These and other documents will help you, or your tax advisor, ensure your return is as favorable as possible for your family.

1098 (year-end statement) showing mortgage interest paid.

This document is important for your first AND any second home. This form should include amount paid for points, principle mortgage interest, interest and insurance paid for the year.

Real estate tax paid during the year

Health care expenses

Premiums and all expenses paid after insurance reimbursement for doctor, dentist, hospital, lab, eye care, and pharmacy.

Miles driven for medical purposes

This is the total round-trip miles driven to all medical appointment, eye exams, dentist, and drug store for medicine.

Motor vehicle registration for all your vehicles

Sales receipt that shows the purchase price and sales tax paid on a new vehicle

Amount paid for materials needed for a major home renovation

Job-related expenses that were not reimbursed by your employer

Value of property loss due to casualty (i.e. fire, flood, or theft)

Gambling losses up to the amount of gambling winnings

HUD Statement (received at closing) if you purchased your home during the year

Cash contributions to a non-profit organization

Value of goods or household items donated to a non-profit organization

Miles driven to and from an event where you donated your time to a non-profit organization

Other expenses including tax preparation, safe deposit box, investment expense, and legal fees (not divorce-related)


This information is not designed to be a substitute for the advice of your personal tax advisor.