Protect Our Neighborhood Roads

As we approach the end of this year's legislative session, there are still important homeowner issues to address. Senate Bill 778 seeks to alleviate the problem of "orphan roads" across the state.


Having quality infrastructure is a key component of strong communities, and an established, maintained road system is one of its most important parts. But in many communities across North Carolina, that is not possible because of nonexistent or otherwise complicated road maintenance agreements. This has led to “orphan roads” in subdivisions throughout the state, placing the burden for improvements on homeowners. The costs for these improvements can be exorbitant, causing roads to fall into such states of disrepair that emergency vehicles and even school buses won’t travel them.

The legislation will:

      • Save homeowners from costly repairs in the future through performance bonds that ensure the necessary road work is completed up to state standards and ultimately accepted by NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) into the road system.
      • Ensure new homeowners' piece of mind. This bill requires that NCDOT work with each county to develop a database which includes the classification (public/private) for each road in the county. This will allow consumers to be knowledgeable about their purchases and provide comfort to lending institutions in transactions.
      • Protect homeowners by creating reliable infrastructure in new neighborhoods.

This legislation represents a huge step forward in protecting homeowners and property values. Be on the lookout for your chance to tell your legislator about the importance of this bill!