One of Senate’s Leaders Talks Insurance Reform

At a March 25 constituent forum in Clayton hosted by the Homeowners Alliance, Senator Brent Jackson (R-Sampson) stressed the need to make property insurance rates more fair and transparent.

Senator Jackson is a co-sponsor of the Property Insurance Fairness Act. His bi-partisan legislation increases the transparency of insurance rate setting. The legislation also better protects our state against the consequences of natural disasters.

On the same day as the forum, Senator Jackson also co-sponsored another bill that’s good for consumers. The new legislation would fully close a legal loophole that forces homeowners to pay higher premiums or risk cancellation of their policy. Insurance companies have been using this loophole to send “consent to rate” letters that demand higher premiums from consumers.

On another major issue, the Homeowners Alliance plans to keep educating the Senator about what’s important to homeowners. Senator Jackson said the Senate is still “taking a look at” elimination of the mortgage interest deduction. Protection of the deduction remains a top priority for the Alliance.

If you want to join Senator Jackson in helping insurance consumers, or you want to make sure your voice is heard on the mortgage interest deduction, sign our homeowners petition.