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    Become a Homeowner Champion!

    The NC Homeowners Alliance raises awareness of issues in state and local government that affect consumers' most important investment: their home. As part of the effort to reach homeowners, the Alliance has started a new program providing customized content to REALTORS®. This unique content can be used in marketing efforts with both clients and prospects.

    Please watch the video to learn more. You can add your name to the statement below to have your agents start receiving customized content!

    Getting the customized content is simple. By adding your name to the statement below below, you agree to let the Alliance send quarterly content to your Brokers in Charge. The BICs will then distribute the content to individual agents.

    I agree to participate in the Homeowners Champions Program.

    I would like my Brokers in Charge to receive unique quarterly content for use with agents' client and prospect lists. This content can occasionally be customized to my region on issues such as:

    1. Tax issues at the legislature
    2. Insurance regulations and rates
    3. Local spending on parks, roads and infrastructure
    4. Important zoning debates

    I will encourage my brokers to distribute this information to agents.