The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance has several core issues that are important to both the finances and quality of life for homeowners. Throughout the year, we keep homeowners updated through email and on social media. We consistently update our priorities to reflect the needs of homeowners.

Housing affordability

Communities across the state are struggling with housing affordability. There are many factors that impact the issue. One critical factor is the supply of housing vs. the demand. Nationally, studies have shown that new home starts have not kept up with jobs or new households created.

The NC Homeowners Alliance has named housing affordability as a priority issue. The Alliance will work with local REALTOR associations to help identify local solutions to this very localized problem. For example, in Wilkes County, several organizations partnered to create an innovative study of the housing supply.

Homeowners Insurance Rates

In the past five years, North Carolina’s insurance companies have proposed massive, unnecessary increases to homeowners insurance premiums. The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance has mobilized thousands of constituents to write our state’s Commissioner of Insurance.

Our efforts have been successful in blocking the massive increases. However, we recognize that a series of smaller increases can also hurt consumers. The Alliance will continue to keep consumers updated on proposals to increase rates.

One potential benefit for consumers is the state's new private flood insurance product. In 2020, the Department of Insurance approved a proposal from the state's insurance companies to offer a unique solution on flood insurance. Our state has faced a massive problem of uninsured flood losses from storms in recent years. A new option for affordable flood insurance would be a big win for consumers.

The NC Homeowners Alliance will monitor the implementation of this flood insurance product to ensure it is a benefit for consumers.

Quality of life for homeowners

The NC Homeowners Alliance will often monitor a wide variety of issues at both the state and local levels. Transportation improvements, parks and other local spending is often a benefit to home values and quality of life. The NC Homeowners Alliance has also weighed in with policymakers on specific tax issues that impact homeowners.

Federal economic recovery

Throughout 2020, the NC Homeowners Alliance has kept its members up-to-date on Covid-19. Specifically, the federal housing agencies have issued several orders that are important to struggling homeowners.

Mortgage relief remains a priority issue nationally. Any homeowner with a federally-backed mortgage qualifies for payment deferral or other relief. The Homeowners Alliance has closely followed efforts by the National Association of REALTORS to make the rules as clear as possible for consumers.