Finance Committee Chairman Wants to Protect Mortgage Deduction

At a March 26 constituent forum hosted by the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance, Representative Jason Saine (R-Lincoln) let the audience know he supports the mortgage interest tax deduction.

This is a great development for homeowners. Rep. Saine is co-chairman of the House Finance Committee, so all tax legislation has to pass through his committee. There are still some legislators who want to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction, so we need strong champions like Rep. Saine.

Rep. Saine took questions from the audience for almost an hour at the forum in Lincolnton. He heard from homeowners about the issues that matter most to them, including taxes, insurance and education.

Rep. Saine also strongly agreed on another Homeowners Alliance priority, the restoration of the Historic Preservation Tax Credit. This credit, which has benefited many communities across the state, still faces an uphill battle after it was repealed in 2014. We are happy to know that a key House member supports the credit.

We will keep you updated on all these issues as the legislature continues its work. If you want to support Rep. Saine, please sign ourĀ homeowners petition.