Don Harris

  • commented on housing affordability 2020-02-14 13:53:22 -0500
    Too much demand for the available houses on the market. Apartments seem to be dominating the new construction market and rent rates are high. We are experiencing a true “seller’s market”. Mortgage rates are etremely low and people want to buy. Good houses only last a day or two on the market.

    Housing Affordability Matters

    Housing affordability is a critical issue in North Carolina. As in other states, the supply of new homes is falling far behind demand. The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance has made housing affordability a priority issue for 2020.

    Creating more housing supply will require both state and local solutions. The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance is partnering with local REALTORĀ® associations to provide helpful data and facilitate community conversations.

    Solutions could include:

    • Changes to zoning that allow for more supply of all types of housing
    • Funding at both the local and state level for affordable housing
    • Tax incentives that encourage home ownership

    Is housing affordability a critical issue in your area? Tell us what is important to your community.

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