NC Homeowners Endorse the Connect NC Bond Referendum


The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance is excited to announce its support for the Connect NC bond referendum that will appear on the March 15th ballot. This $2 billion bond provides funding for infrastructure, economic growth, and public education in the state of North Carolina.

Since the last time North Carolina passed a bond referendum in 2000, our state has increased its population by more than 2 million people. This bond will provide vital funding to communities statewide to ensure a brighter future for North Carolina families.

The bond commits funding for North Carolina's community college and university systems, sewer and water infrastructure, state parks, National Guard and public safety systems. The Connect NC bond is dedicated to enhancing the livelihoods of communities and individuals across North Carolina.


To see how the bond will affect you in your local county, click on your region below.




Statewide Funding:

Title Description County Amount Region
State Parks  Mountain-To-Sea/Other State Trails Various $4,500,000.00 Statewide
Various Capital Repairs and Renovations Statewide $45,000,000.00 Statewide
DENR Parks Children with disabilities and Veterans with disabilities local parks Statewide $3,000,000.00 Statewide
Department of Environmental Control Water/Sewer Loans and Grants Statewide $309,500,000.00



What if you could improve the quality of your life without having to pay for it?    

As the state economy rebounds from the recession, North Carolina has gained the capacity to take on a $2 billion bond without raising taxes on any of its citizens. We can invest in our state and improve the quality of life for all North Carolinians. Let's make the smart move and invest in North Carolina's future.

The Connect NC bond will strengthen neighborhoods and communities by improving property values and raising the quality of our citizens’ lives. North Carolinians will gain stronger education systems and state-of-the-art water and sewer infrastructure, as well as revitalized state parks and facilities. . Political leaders from both sides of the aisle have come together in support of this important resolution.

Homeowners should feel confident that the bond will protect our greatest investment: our homes.

On March 15th, join the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance and VOTE YES for the CONNECT NC BOND. Let's invest in North Carolina's future!

Connect NC in the News

Chapel Hill News:

Mark Zimmerman: An easy choice on the ballot March 15

"Who will benefit from the bond? Well, the bond drafters were smart. They spread the wealth across the state. Seventy three counties will receive funds directly; the rest are eligible to get water and sewer projects. Fifty eight community colleges and all 17 campuses in our university system will receive the lion’s share of the dollars. Agriculture, our state’s largest industry, will benefit from a new plant science complex, assisting farmers small and large."

Asheville Citizen-Times

Billie Green: Connect NC bond will have tremendous economic impact

"I see how education, water infrastructure and natural resources impact job creation. I’m also a strong supporter of the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance, urging you to vote yes for the Connect NC bond referendum....The Connect NC bond will strengthen neighborhoods and communities by improving property values and raising the quality of our citizens’ lives. Let’s make the smart move and invest in North Carolina’s future."

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