An Expanded Alliance for Homeowners


The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance has always supported legislators and legislative candidates who are committed to protecting home values. It’s a vital mission for the millions of people in the state who want to protect their biggest investments.

Now, we have seen a need to expand our efforts.

Over the next few years, the North Carolina General Assembly is likely to debate tax laws, property rights issues and other policies that directly affect the value of your home. Once those bills are moving through the legislature, it could be too late to act!

That’s why we are asking homeowners to join our efforts now. We have a new, expanded mission to keep you up-to-date on the legislature. We’ll ask you to contact your legislators when necessary, and we will tell you about opportunities to share the mission of the Alliance with others.

Throughout the summer and fall, we will be at community events around the state, asking homeowners to join with us.

We hope you like our new look and our expanded effort. We are still here to support legislators who support strong home ownership. We want them to hear from all of you.