Alliance Bond Referenda Success



The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance is dedicated to taking care of homeowners across the state, that's why we got involved in state and local bond referenda during the 2016 Election Cycle. 

Prior to the 2016 March Primary Election, we were contacted to get involved with the Connect NC Bond Referendum. The $2 billion bond, which provides funding for infrastructure, economic growth, and public education in the state of North Carolina, was the first statewide bond referendum since 2000. North Carolina has grown by over 2 million people during those 16 years and the Connect NC Bond provided vital funding for our state. 

The NC Homeowners Alliance worked hard to raise awareness and understanding of the bond through a large scale media campaign. We were astounded by the fruit of our labors: the referendum passed in 99 out of North Carolina's 100 counties. Homeowners and property owners around the state recognized the importance of investing in our future and took a stand in the name of responsible spending.

We were also proud to report two victories for homeowners from the November General Election. We helped pass local bond referenda in Wake County and Charlotte through targeted communication and advertising. Wake County's local sales tax referendum for transit development passed with more than 52% of the vote. Charlotte's three urban development bonds passed by an even wider margin - the least popular of these bonds gained just under 70% of the vote.

In all three campaigns we utilized direct mail pieces, targeted advertising, and social media to inform constituents in these areas. We were able to make a difference across the state and in our two largest metropolitan areas. We encouraged support of smart growth initiatives to improve communities. We would like to continue to support such endeavors, but that starts with you!

If you would like the support of the NC Homeowners Alliance, don't hesitate to reach out. For more information please contact our Director of Political Operations, Mike Landes!