The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance is the only statewide organization fighting for homeowners at the General Assembly. Our top priority is ensuring that state policies help homeowners protect the value of their homes.

Mortgage Interest Deduction

Most homeowners know that mortgage interest is a deduction for taxes. It is important to protect this important incentive for home ownership. Fewer homeowners understand that there is also a deduction for mortgage interest on state taxes. The North Carolina General Assembly has talked about limiting or eliminating this state deduction. The Homeowners Alliance opposes reductions in the MID.

Property insurance

After a mortgage, homeowners insurance is the second most important contract that most homeowners sign. Most homeowners are concerned with the bottom line. But massive amounts of law and regulations govern disclosures and limits for policies. The REALTOR® members of the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance are some of the biggest advocates for property owners. REALTORS® are the biggest group of responders whenever there is a ratemaking case or regulatory change proposed at the state level.

Working locally

The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance has built a large membership throughout the state. The Alliance has the capability to communicate with its members in a specific region, or to recruit new members around a local issue.

Most importantly, the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance often partners with local REALTORS® associations to support local bond referenda for parks, transportation and schools. These local investments improve communities and boost home values.

If you would like printed materials to hand out at meetings or for distribution, let us know.