Vote YES for Wake County’s Transit Plan

As so many homeowners know, Wake County is part of a regional transportation network. That’s why the Wake County Transit Plan is the best option for our future growth. The plan was developed after a year of public meetings and input from Wake County citizens and representatives from local universities, hospitals, businesses, every Wake County municipality, civic groups, and the Wake County Public School System.

Durham and Orange counties have already approved their parts of the regional transit plan, and now it’s our turn. By voting YES, the county will:

  • Triple bus service in just the first few years, connecting every town in the county.
  • Build a frequent “Bus Rapid Transit” network in high-traffic areas that will incorporate dedicated bus lanes, level boarding platforms, and other enhanced features that improve the speed and quality of service.
  • Create a new commuter rail line that will efficiently utilize preexisting tracks to provide a backbone of passenger train service across the county, enabling people to completely avoid daily road traffic congestion.
  • Expand the frequent network (every 15 minutes) from 17 miles to 83 miles. All service will be expanded to 19 hours a day. 

The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance urges you to go to the end of your ballot and VOTE YES for the Wake County Transit Plan. You can also express your support by endorsing the plan below.

I would like to join the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance and I will be voting YES for transit on November 8th.