2017 Homeowners Bill of Rights

Across North Carolina, tens of thousands of homeowners have joined the only group created to protect their interests. The NC Homeowners Alliance advocates for state and local government policies that raise property values and protect homeowner rights.

In 2016, infrastructure is one of the most important issues for the Alliance and its members.

  • We backed the ConnectNC bonds, which are providing needed funds to local governments for water and sewer improvements.
  • We pushed for legislation to help homeowners living on “orphan roads,” in which the maintenance responsibility is uncertain.
  • Finally, the Homeowners Alliance partners with REALTORS® around the state to support local bond referenda for parks, roads and other infrastructure.

The Homeowners Alliance is free to join and is made stronger with each new homeowner voice. When you join, we’ll provide updates on many important issues at the North Carolina General Assembly and in your community. Start protecting the American Dream today!

As a homeowner, I support the Homeowner’s 2017 Bill of Rights

Homeownership is one of the fundamental drivers of North Carolina’s economy. Homeownership promotes stability in communities, and rising property values are great for families.

The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance is standing up for economic development and policies that build communities. That’s why I support the Homeowner’s 2017 Bill of Rights.

  • More reliable funding for roads – North Carolina must restore its reputation as the “Good Roads State.” The North Carolina General Assembly and our local governments should establish reliable funding for the roads that are so vital to creating jobs.
  • Solutions on Water and Sewer Infrastructure – The ConnectNC bonds boosted our state programs for upgrading water and sewer infrastructure. Local governments need to take advantage of these funds. Adequate water and sewer infrastructure is a key factor in recruiting businesses to North Carolina.
  • A friendly environment for homeownership – North Carolina’s economy is built on its housing industry. The General Assembly must protect and support new and prospective homeowners and provide an easier path to purchasing and maintaining a home for North Carolina’s families.

North Carolina’s population is growing, and our state continues to rank high on lists of best places for business. We need to ensure we are taking the right steps to protect our quality of life and create jobs for homeowners and all North Carolinians. Everyone deserves to achieve the American dream of homeownership – let’s make it happen together.