What is the purpose of the NC Homeowners Alliance?

The NC Homeowners Alliance was formed as a 527 (named after the tax code that defines it) to develop positive information campaigns to educate residents on issues of local importance.

What types of issues does the NC Homeowners Alliance focus on?

Through education and advocacy, the NC Homeowners Alliance provides a resource and watchdog for advocating and protecting homeowners’ interests in the state of North Carolina.  One significant issue addressed by the Alliance recently was an education campaign targeted at stopping the NC Home Tax.  The Alliance worked along with NC REALTORS® and the NC Homebuilders Association to educate the public and lawmakers about the negative implications of an additional tax on the transfer of real property in North Carolina.  In November of 2007, a total of 16 counties put a real estate transfer tax referendum on their local ballot.  In all 16 counties, the measure failed resoundingly.  The overall margin of defeat was 79 to 21 percent.

How can I get involved in the NC Homeowners Alliance?

Simply go to www.nchomeownersalliance.org and click on “Contact us.”  Enter your contact information and we will notify you regarding issues of concern to homeowners in North Carolina.

Homeowners reap the financial gains of any appreciation in the value of their home, so they spend more time and money maintaining their residence, which also contributes to the overall quality of the surrounding community.