On Tuesday, October 6th

Elect Mayor Dan Clodfelter

Consistent, reliable leadership for ALL of Charlotte

"I have decided to endorse Mayor Clodfelter in the Democratic primary runoff scheduled for next Tuesday. I've seen both candidates up close and I know that he has real, achievable plans to bring jobs and opportunities to every part of our city. Dan has the experience to lead Charlotte and I stand here today to give him my support, and ask all those who supported me to do the same." 
-Former Mayoral Candidate and City Councilman David Howard


About Mayor Clodfelter

His Experience:  
Mayor Clodfelter has spent decades in public service improving the lives of Charlotte’s citizens. He’s fought for funding for public education, focused on local job creation, and built our community’s vitality and inclusiveness. Mayor Clodfelter has a consistent record of fair and responsible government – he’s looked out for Charlotte’s working families by passing the earned income tax credit while he represented us in the General Assembly.

His Leadership:
Mayor Clodfelter has served on the Mecklenburg County Planning Commission, the Charlotte City Council, and as our State Senator. He has the experience we need in our leadership to guide Charlotte at a time when it stands poised to become one of the great cities in our country.

His Support:
Over the course of his long career in public office, Mayor Clodfelter has built relationships with diverse groups, organizations, and individual leaders based on mutual respect.  From local groups like the Fire Fighters Association, to former and current elected officials at all levels of government, they know they have a leader they can count on to move Charlotte forward.


Working together to put Charlotte first

Growing Local Businesses:
Mayor Clodfelter understands the importance of recruiting new businesses to Charlotte.  He also believes we must grow and expand local small businesses, promote local start-ups, and support innovators and entrepreneurs in the local business community.

Revitalizing Neighborhoods:
As Charlotte grows, we must balance neighborhood revitalization with protecting and maintaining stability for our longtime residents. Mayor Clodfelter is a strong supporter of the City’s Community Improvement Program and the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program, initiatives that strengthen all of our neighborhoods.

Job Training:
Mayor Clodfelter believes we must partner with the community college system to create more apprenticeships and job training programs.  As Mayor, he’ll work to expand public-private partnerships and create career readiness programs for our citizens.


Mark your Calendar! 
Don’t forget to vote October 6th in the Democratic run-off for Charlotte Mayor.

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