Vote YES for Charlotte’s Bonds

Meeting Charlotte’s infrastructure needs is vital to the region’s health and reputation as a great place to live, work and play. To support a better Charlotte, vote “yes” for all three bond referenda (transportation, housing and neighborhoods) on this year’s ballot.

The city’s 2016 bond package is part of a comprehensive, long-term plan. The City Council has built funding into the budget for infrastructure projects that require voter approval. That means no tax increase for you, the taxpayer. This is smart planning for a growing, modern city.

In 2016, affordable housing , transportation, and neighborhood improvement are Charlotte's top priorities.

  • Transportation –$148 million to upgrade Charlotte’s streets and enhance public safety, transportation choices and mobility including developing Cross Charlotte Multi-Use Trail.
  • Neighborhoods – $55 million to improve aging infrastructure in the city’s older neighborhoods.
  • Affordable Housing -- $15 million for the Housing Trust Fund to build affordable and well-maintained housing for low- and moderate-income families.

The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance urges you to VOTE YES on all three bond referenda. You can express your support by endorsing the plan below.

I would like to join the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance and I will be voting YES for Charlotte’s Bonds on November 8th.