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    I'm joining the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance in supporting the Property Insurance Fairness Act!

    Support the Property Insurance Fairness Act

    The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance is asking homeowners across the state to endorse the Property Insurance Fairness Act (House Bill 182) at the North Carolina General Assembly. This legislation requires big insurance companies to provide consumers with more information about rates. In addition, the bill increases the transparency of the rate setting process.

    This bill is a great win for consumers. Across North Carolina, consumers have received high pressure letters from their insurance companies, demanding they pay rates above the regulated maximum. These "consent to rate" letters have led to an explosion in the number of consumers paying high rates. The Property Insurance Fairness Act forces the insurance companies to also disclose the lower regulated rate, helping consumers make an informed choice.

    This legislation includes other provisions that better prepare the state for catastrophic insurance losses and gives more power to the Insurance Commissioner to keep insurance companies honest.

    The Homeowners Alliance applauds the NC House for passing this legislation. Now, we need the Senate to do the same. reform. You can join the effort, and we will keep you up to date on these reforms. Please share this information to your friends, family and neighbors. Together, we can see these protections become law.


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    I just signed on to join with my neighbors in supporting the NC Homeowners Alliance! Will you?

    Tell the North Carolina General Assembly: Support North Carolina Homeowners

    1,158 signatures

    Policies that encourage homeownership, keep insurance rates at affordable levels, and boost property values are vital for millions of working families. That’s why I support the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance.

    It’s common sense. Fair insurance rates, tax policies that encourage homeownership, and community investments that preserve our state’s history are important to the property owners of North Carolina. I strongly urge my legislators to:

    • Protect the mortgage interest tax deduction, one of the biggest and most important boosts to working families across the state. I’m counting on legislators to oppose any effort to repeal or reduce this vital deduction that our families depend on.
    • Support greater consumer protection for homeowners in the insurance rate-making process. The process by which our rates are set should be fair and transparent. Insurance companies shouldn't be allowed to circumvent the legal process and force property owners to pay higher premiums through Consent to Rate letters.
    • Maintain the Historic Preservation Tax Credit. This credit breathes new economic life into distressed areas, raises property values, and preserves our local communities’ heritage while bringing jobs and investment to our state.

    These issues are vital to homeowners and to our communities. That's why I am urging legislators to support the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance in 2016.

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